FOA 2 Reflection (Language and Technology)

I think that my FOA went well because the topic was one that I could talk about easily and I was able to discuss and link technology and language quite well.

At the start of the FOA, I explored quite a lot of context explaining different types of technology, and how technology and society have affected language to develop English communication to its current form. I believe that although this was good to explore the background of language and technology and how views towards the interrelation of these two concepts have changed.

I also think that I explored the context of production of the texts I analysed well and successfully did close analysis. However, I may have wanted to analyse the affect of culture a bit more as both the texts I used were from similarly developed cultures (America and Australia). This would have been something that could have been addressed in more depth. I also think that I could have examined in more depth the primary and secondary purposes of the texts and the factors behind different audience receptions.

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Emily Jayamohan

I believe that I am a very all-rounded person. I have a high commitment to all of my academic subjects, activities and services and I always try to complete every task to the best of my abilities. My focus is to strengthen my involvement in my passions as well as grow in my skills by joining other activities. Some of my extra-curricular interests are sports, theatre, music, dance, and service. My previous commitments in school (some of which I am still continuing) include: Tabitha GC, volunteering at Mutts and Mittens animal shelter, netball coaching, umpiring, and representing teams, volleyball teams, customer service and business operations in the East College Shop and head of Dance Showcase organising committee.

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