My Personal Statement

My passion for art has always been with me since I was young. But more importantly, although I didn’t realise it, I’ve loved art for its impact on others. The way a piece of art can elicit an emotion is incredible. Moreover, each piece has a story behind them; how each piece was inspired by […]

How is (Theme) Portrayed in the Play: Act 1, Scene 1.

Starting from the beginning of the prologue, Shakespeare expresses the idea of fate. Fate is one of the significant themes constantly bespoke throughout the play. The downfall of Romeo and Juliet’s love is probably the most popular and obvious one. There is so much written in the stars about the predestination of these two “star […]

Short Stories Mini Reflection

The Veldt – Ray Bradbury When first reading through this short story, I was extremely confused. It made no sense how a 30,000 dollar house back then, would have a thatched roof and how they would live in the middle of a bare African safari land. However, reaching the end, it made more sense. I […]

A Silent Challenge- Writer’s Fortnight

Here is the link for my Writer’s Fortnight Article on a google doc: A Silent Challenge A victim of Bipolar Disorder This photograph represents how quickly one with bipolar can switch emotionally.  Bipolar is like a predator. At times, the brutal creature lays low at rest just waiting for its next attack. It leaves […]

Reflection on Writer’s Fortnight

For the past two weeks (and what feels like longer), we have been writing and researching for our final Writer’s Fortnight Project. Some of the topics I learned about, I was able to apply while writing this article. From my understanding of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, I was able to identify some of the parts […]

Life Changing Accident

She was told she wouldn’t be able to walk properly…and then she did.  Elizabeth Jackson, now the parent of two, seemed to have her life planned out in a total number of 6 steps and all before the age of 30. She knew she was going to go be an engineer by going to university […]

A single mom in Ireland

From today’s guest speaker, I learned a big part of her life story. Growing up with a single mom is tough, to say the least; both for the mom and the child(ren). I learned about the judgment (insert name) faced growing up, but also how this event shaped her life and molded a lot of […]

Different Types of News

Over the last couple of classes, I learned that in media there are three major, different types of news: soft news, hard news, and features. The difference between these three is minor yet they make a big impact on people. Hard news can be described as time conscious and fact-filled news. From reading several articles […]