2. Biggest Challenge in CAS so far – LO2

During the start of CAS, it is hard to come to a conclusion of what I am going to do in activities services and creativity for the next two years. With the activities side of it, I was not sure whether to try out for football as was set on softball for CAS already. I decided to do it despite the large time commitment as it would be good. Now that I have done quite a bit of the football season done. The biggest problem so far was the time commitment. I have had to go to a game and it has made my schedule a lot busier. It has been harder to oganise all my work and having other activities to prepare for as well. I think so far I have been doing well to keep up with the busy times by cutting down on free time and trying to work in free blocks and whenever I can, basically to allow me to do activities and service and such. I have not really had the time I need to study for tests and such. My grades have not suffered by a lot but I need to try to create a schedule and capitalize on the weekend by getting more work done there while the football season is going on.

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