It’s the first term and for my CAS service, I have decided to go to Memories of a Pioneer Generation. Its a service centered around meeting with the elderly Singaporeans who have been here since before Singapore was even founded. In terms of CAS I believe this experience falls under learning outcomes 1 & 2. I think that not only have I identified my areas for improvement I’ve also found challenges to face with this service. During this service, we go to the elderly and we build a relationship, this is done with the goal of recording their individual stories. So far we have only really focused on planning with only one real trip to the center. I think that this service will be really helpful for my communication skills, a lot of the people we are meeting with are older and often they don’t speak fluent English or English at all. These kinds of non-verbal communication skills will help improve my general life skills. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories that will come from my upcoming experiences.

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