Assembly on Waste

Last week, the whole of high school had an assembly, where the issue of plastic waste was introduced. And guess what, most of the waste produced usually comes from the food we order from Grab Food, Uber Eats, Mc Donalds etc. I personally, don’t order food from outside, but a lot of my friends┬ádo.

As high schoolers, we are trying to reduce the amount of waste produced, but sometimes, we have to order food. Either because we are staying late after school, or sometimes we don’t have cash available. Now, these issues may seem very small, and they are. Also, they can easily be solved.

Firstly, if someone doesn’t have cash available, they can still buy food from the canteen, it’s just that they will have to pay the same amount later. Additionally, if someone is staying late after school, they can always buy food from Santai, since it is open until 7 pm.

As a high schooler, I will try my level best to be sustainable and prevent others from ordering food. However, we need the whole school to help prevent this issue. So why not all of us help and prevent ourselves and our friends from ordering food.


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