Football Reflection 3

Last weekend, we competed in SEASAC in KL at the Alice Smith School and ended up winning first place. It was the first time that a team sport had won a girls SEASAC at east so it was extremely exciting. We had quite a tough group, to begin with including Dover, KLASS and GIS who we played on the first day. We drew the first game but after a team discussion, we recognised the areas where we had to improve (LO1) and we were able to improve for the next two games, winning both and finishing first in our pool. The following day we began with the quarter-final which we won comfortably and then the semi-final which we also won by 5-0. On Sunday, we got ready for our finals to be played against BPS and after another team discussion, we were able to identify areas that we wanted to maintain. After going down 1-0 and then 2-1 by half time we had managed to draw to 2-2 and then in the second half, we finished with a score of 4-2. In terms of self-evaluation, I spoke to my coaches and wanted to be able to help the team as much as possible by being a team player and I think this goal paid off in the end. (LO2)

Football Reflection 2

In order to address learning outcome 1 and 2, we must reflect on our areas for growth and development as a team. One of the things I feel that we should improve on is how we start our games and our attitude towards our opponent. Often in football, a good mindset at the beginning of the game enables the team to work together and play their own style of football throughout the game. In the past, we were too fixed on the score which prevented us from playing the game to the best of our ability. As captain, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that we start well and give ourselves the best opportunity to win games and perform well at SEASAC.


This year I will be doing football and attempting to build on my skills from the previous years on the team. I will be tackling LO1 as I think it is very important that I reflect on my performances during training and games so I understand where I can improve my game. I can also discuss with coaches anything they feel that I can improve on, as well as identifying my strengths in the sport. Additionally, I will be attempting to tackle LO2 as it is very important that I develop skills and identify challenges that we have undergone as a team in order to develop fully.

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