What my version of a gender balanced world would look like

In my opinion, I think that it would be very hard to have a gender-balanced world because there is a physical difference between men and women therefore, we will always see each other differently. Furthermore, socially we cannot act the same as we can’t act the same way around women as men, for example, we can’t just hit a girl in their private areas just for fun but for men, it is a common thing to do. It is also the same thing for women. My idea for a gender-balanced world is that everyone has respect for everyone realizing that there are different genders but trying to respect and look past that and look strictly at credentials.

The Characteristics of EI

I think some of the behaviors I demonstrate that emotionally high people have is that:

1) I like to embrace change

  • When I am put into a new environment, school, class, even country I embrace that change. For example in grade 8 I was put into a class in which a barely knew anyone, no one was my really close friend, however, I embraced that challenge and made new long-lasting friendships and memories. I also like to embrace change because at every opportunity I like to improve myself and look for new experiences.
  1. I let go of mistakes
  • Whenever I make a mistake on a test¬†I learn from it and let it go
  1. I don’t seek perfection
  • I am actually quite a slob myself, so I have no intention to seek perfection for certain things, however, for other things I do try make them look nicer, neater or make sure its done properly.
  • This is good because I won’t be spending so much time trying to perfect everything and it will allow myself to move onto the next task.
  1. I appreciate what I have
  • I appreciate what I have, I sometimes wish I had other things but I understand that I am quite fortunate myself and that the opportunities I have are more than most people have in their lifetime.
  1. I get enough sleep
  • I understand how much sleep helps the body recover from sports and helps your mind rest so I make sure that I get to bed at a reasonable hour
  • I make sure that I always catch up with sleep if I don’t get enough of it
  1. I don’t hold grudges
  • Whenever I get mad or my friends or teacher, I keep it to myself,¬†however, I let it go. Whatever, I was mad about I try and forget and I try to start new with my friend or teacher.





What does our language say about us and our culture?

When we speak we use different language when we are around different people. We change our dialect when we are around our friends and around our parents. The language we use says a lot about the type of person you are, what background and the culture you come from.

For example, when I was in middle school I used to go to this religious class and it was quite a local one so most of the language used there was Singlish (Singaporean English) but because I came from a different background even though I looked a little bit like a Singaporean I was treated differently because of my accent and the words I used were different. I started to learn some of the terms and phrases they used and diverged into that culture/language. The key in that example is that because my accent was different and I didn’t know the terms and phrases the other kids assumed that I was an outsider/foreigner even though I wasn’t.

Activities done last season

Last year I played for the football B team and was vice captain. I really enjoyed and I was playing very well until I got injured early in the season and I couldn’t play for the rest of the season. I also wanted to join U16 rugby however because of my injury I couldn’t play for the team. This year I will be signing up again for football and hopefully make the A team, however, I will need to balance my football life because I play for a team outside of school so I would be playing 6 days a week.


Last season I also signed up for Arts in a Bag which is a college service I feel like it didn’t go so well because I joined the service because my friends were also in the service so I wasn’t concentrating that much. In the end, the service got cancelled so I think this year I will be joining a service that doesn’t involve that many of my friends.

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