Extended Essay Initial reflection.


With the second meeting of myself and my supervisor coming to a close now is the time for me to reflect on decisions I have made leading up to this point of me having completed a large portion of my investigation. Firstly I should discuss the decisions that I have made that have led up to this point one large one being the choice to focus more on the Chartists than the event of history I will be focussing on which is the Chartist uprising. Most of my books that I have checked out have been about chartism due to the fact that I feel that it is important for myself to first gained knowledge on the broader topic of my EE as I then feel that I can zoom in and fully understand the causation and effect once I start to invest more time into the uprising itself. This is also necessary as I have never studied the topic in class before so i didn’t know too much about the original topic.

I have found it pretty easy to make research decisions as it is such a straight forward topic despite noticing that there’s a bit of a wormhole I could fall into and go off tangent. Thus I try to stay on task and refresh the question in my head in order to get information that is implicitly relevant to the question. I would say however that I should have been recording my findings earlier as at the start I treated it like an independent study where I thought that I would gain some knowledge about the topic and then find sources. Whereas in hindsight I should have been documenting everything. I have been meticulous about choosing sources and have only used reliable sites such as the ones recommended by my supervisor and I use JSTOR for all academic works that are reliable. Most of my primary sources are from the Newport Chartist museum and the Westgate hotel where I have physical copies of everything.

I now have a solid plan and I have spoken to my supervisor and she has laid out timelines and deadlines so I know what I need to do and by when. I think I have under planned and been too focused on research so I now know that I should focus more on the writing aspect of my EE. I have found it pretty easy to plan my EE as the organisation for History is extensive and very well organised and thought through in a clear manner. I’ve learned through this project to communicate with my supervisor and inform her with everything as it makes decisions so much easier and gives me less stress so i can see my interpersonal communication skills and collaboration improving and I look forward to continuing and going and writing my Extended essay intro for the May 22nd deadline.

EE Day Reflection

    • One thing I’ve learned

Today I found out quite a lot about the structure of the EE and I gained quite a bit of knowledge that was subject specific to my EE as I found before that most information I have been told has been quite generalized towards the entire process, however, I have not been told until today what exactly is required of a history essay in depth. I found out a lot about the criteria and every aspect of the mark scheme for the essay. I also learned about what needs to be written by the 22nd of may 1,000 words deadline and I think I will choose the second path of writing the intro and the first paragraph as then I have an idea as to how the rest of my EE will go and the foundations such as my thesis have been set.

    • What I’m proud of

I am proud of how Effective I have worked today as I feel that I have been very efficient with my time and that I have laid out a clear plan for what I need to do in the future. I think what has helped is that I was very focused and paid attention to the advice of the advisors. I was very organized and used the time to get more organized for the near future to prepare myself for the 1,000-word deadline and I have organized all of my research and analyzed the literary sources I have. In addition to this, I have all my documents organized and everything I needed to do done.

    • What I’ll be doing next

What this means now is that I can focus on gaining more sources in a wider range of mediums and then I need to start looking at past essays and get writing the introduction of my essay and the first body paragraph. I need to analyze these sources as the process continues I know that my organization is good and that my foundation and the knowledge that I have about my topic is brilliant so that now I feel that I am in quite a good place and that this is a good start to the writing stage of my extended essay.

MINDS Tampines,Dance and Fitness Fun

Planning and initiating activities,

In our most recent sessi0n of service, we wanted to include more activities and games for the clients to use as we felt that it would benefit our clients to be more engaged in the service and also to help those who didn’t want to necessarily dance by giving them the opportunity to develop their motor skills in some fun games.

I decided that as chair of the service it was my responsibility to organize the booking of resources

PSE Reflection

In my PSE classes, we have been looking at several topics such as identity, personality types, emotional intelligence, grit an optimistic talk with these new topics I have learned I now wonder about how they apply to my journey through the ib.

I believe that the fundamental understanding of emotional intelligence will help me to further my mental well being and at times when I feel upset, I will be able to draw on it as a strength of mine as i have learned that i am quite emotionally intelligent.also in the future i will be able to develop my personality strengths tp make sure i am happier with myself and that I also have a more positive view of myself. Something that i found interesting with the PSE course was the discussion about which is more important EQ or IQ this in particular spiked my interest as i wanted to know because my EQ had always felt stronger than my IQ and it was very fun to learn about other peoples view. Overall i am pleased with the level of understanding I have made if this course and I am to continue my knowledge of the discussion.

I also really enjoyed discussing the traits of someone’s identity and what made me who I am, this style of asking a question such as who am I? intrigues me and

My first English F.O.A

  • My videos

I have already shared the Videos with Ms.Markham, however, the file size exceeds the limit for this website.

  • Your friends’ roadmaps of your talk

I have shared these also with Ms.Markham as they cant be added here.

  • Your own reflection

What you did

I did a presentation of the jargon used within the M.M.A community and how it has used in everyday context. I then analyzed the linguistic devices used within my community, In addition to this I stood up and told the presentation to a group of 4 inside the language rooms. My presentation represented a community I am passionate about and I answered all the best questions from the O.L.P for my further oral activity.

How it went

In general, I think it went well and I achieved what I wanted to. I wasn’t as succinct as I would’ve liked to be however my use of .language was eloquent. I ended up reading a lot from the screen towards the end and because of this, there was a lot that I missed that I would’ve liked to say. I also didn’t feel as confident as I would’ve liked to be with my presentation. I am pleased with my organization because I was prepared a few days in advance and thus I could practice. However next time I will rehearse it a lot more. I feel that this is quite a big hope but I would be really pleased if I could achieve a 6 for this presentation, however for the first presentation, I believe that a 5 is more realistic and still quite difficult to get.

What feedback did you get

From my classmates, I got that it was really good and that they liked the visuals and the clear layout of my presentation however next time they would really like to see more analysis of individual words and also more use of linguistic devices in my analysis. I also got told that it might’ve gone on for a bit too long so I should make it shorter.

What do you need to focus on for future language study/ FOA/ presentations generally?

I think next time I would rehearse it more and use more linguistic devices in my analysis of this community. Also in retrospect, I should’ve made the layout of the presentations more clear and added a bit more structure. I also would have chosen an easier subject to focus on because other subject seemed easier to research because i chose quite a small community. In order to solve this issue what i would do is create a list of different ideas that i could pursue as for the first time i was quite excited and just jumped into it.I think it is easy to pick out my flaws however for a first I.B presentation i am proud of what i accomplished.

What I learnt from Akanksha’s portfolio

Akanksha writes about her very personal experience with her service and really has fully embraced the C.A.S with open arms. It is really amazing to be able to read all of her personal stories about her life in grade 11. Upon reading all of Akanksha’s portfolio I am now aware of three things that I know about grade 11 life:

  1.  Activity and service are very essential to learning.

Whenever she posts it is mainly regarding one of her experiences that she has had more often than not. For example, every time she has done service it has been recorded through one of her posts. She tells how she has used the activity to better her learning and how much the experience she has learned.

IFP Cambodia 2018: My learnings

    2. Grade 11’s must post and update their portfolio very often.

I know understand that the portfolio is something that has to be updated a lot and should be kept neat and orderly for someone else to follow. She writes very clearly in her posts and it is really engaging to read. When she writes about her trips to Cambodia it is almost like a diary entry which is something that takes a lot of time.

An extract from my diary entry during Project Week

3. Grade 11’s have to plan ahead and be organized.

Whenever Akanksha talks about her activities it is clear to see that a lot of planning has gone into her activities, I see that from all of her reflections that they all went quite smoothly and that she was very organized. Overall I was very impressed and I aim to be able to have that level of preparation and that I have a portfolio that is that neat.

Project Week: Phase 1 (Planning)

I was very impressed with her work and it has given me a lot of insight into what my portfolio should look like and that I
also now have learned the standard that my work needs to be at with regards to my portfolio and my service.

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