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Global Perspectives – The Environment: Questions

  1.     What is the environment?

I think ‘the environment’ describes our surroundings as well as the earth in general. This includes natural habitats such as oceans and ocean life, forests and hills, and even cities and towns.

  1.     Why are some environmental issues more attractive than others?

It could be due to the fact that some issues are damaging the environment at a much faster rate than the other issues which is why we choose to pay more attention to them.

  1.     How do environmental attitudes vary and change? (Are we (humans) deliberatively destructive?)

I wouldn’t say that humans are intentionally destructive, however humans appear to have a tendency to want to improve their own lives and comfort and tend to forget or disregard the fact that in the process, the environment is getting damaged. It is only when issues start getting out of hand where we finally start to pay attention.

  1.     Where do our environmental values come from (Do humans have the right to use the environment and other species for their own needs, as some faiths suggest?)

I think they can be taken from a variety of different sources, mostly depending on upbringing. Depending on what a person is taught when they are young, those beliefs are usually stuck with them. Such beliefs and values could be taken from role models or parent figures, or even the media or religion. I do think that humans have the right to use the environment and other species for their own needs, just like how other species need to use the environment and other species for survival. Although, we don’t seem to realize that we are causing damage until it begins to severely impact the earth’s lifespan and even then some people still choose to be ignorant to the issue.

  1.     Are you an environmental activist? (What changes, modifications and adjustments are necessary for a turn-around to refocus our efforts on sustainable lifestyles?)

I don’t feel as though I am an environmental activist, as I honestly do tend to forget about the issues much like everyone else. Many environmental activists do find ways to communicate with the general public and list ways in which we can help slow down or even possibly end some of the issues that are causing harm to the environment such as ‘showers instead of baths’ and ‘using minimal electricity by turning off lights when you are not in the room’. Personally, however, I think that we are going to have to take bigger steps due to the graveness of the current situation.