Conceptual understandings about Reason

Despite the perception of reasoning being a pure method of decision making, when applied to real life situations it is still subject to numerous cognitive and paradigm biases that influence the premises we start with, and therefore the claim we end up with. No one is really free of bias and in some way or… Continue Reading Conceptual understandings about Reason

Preparing for the transtion

LO3 INITIATIVE (Planning and initiated activities) When we started preparing for the transition, one of the biggest questions facing our group was “what next?”, “what ideas do we have for the volunteers, and the sales cart?”. After a couple of sessions, I suggested we could try out quilling. Realising that this was a completely foreign craft… Continue Reading Preparing for the transtion

Pursuit of story telling

disclaimer: the title of this reflection is more dramatic than the reflection LO4: COMMITMENT (Showing perseverance, resilience, and commitment in activities) Any drama production I get the chance to be in is precious and important to me, and just because of how much I enjoy the process of theatre and working with friends it is easy to… Continue Reading Pursuit of story telling

The Journey of the Martins

This vlog is me and Isabella talking about our collaborative process in portraying the same character at different stages of his life. This reflection pertains to LO5 Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively. Overall it was easy to collaborate with Isabella because we are such good friends, and although we would go… Continue Reading The Journey of the Martins

Hidden flaws of logical arguments

It is quite easy to state that an argument is a series of statements (premises) that are logically connected to support a final claim, when applied to areas of knowledge that are robust, such as maths, this definition of an argument is valid. But, somewhat like the natural sciences, when applied to the real world where humans become… Continue Reading Hidden flaws of logical arguments

Conceptual understandings in maths

Maths is founded on axioms, and therefore always arrives at ‘certain’ results, but less frequently at the ‘truth’. Since the axioms of maths are essentially made up, we can never be sure that they are the ‘truth’, and therefore we can never be sure that the maths branching from these axioms is the ‘truth’, however,… Continue Reading Conceptual understandings in maths

Conceptual understandings about the arts

Art tends to be created from the truth of an artist but interpreted with the truths of the receiver, which consists of their personal knowledge and experiences. Simply this means that art is created with a certain intention, but it is not ever certain that it will be interpreted in the intended way. For example,… Continue Reading Conceptual understandings about the arts