FIB Drama Collaborative Project

Intentional Reflection-

I’ve never learned drama before, but I think skills that I had already had was creativity and agility. I enjoy thinking¬† out of the box and I’ve learned Pilates for many years, which helped me develop agility and smooth movement. I used those skill sets to give ideas to our group and express emotions and situations throughout movement. I think skills that I should work on more is use of space and level.

Evaluative Reflection-

Communication between fellow actors worked really well. All of us thought about the piece outside of the classroom as well and thus gave an idea frequently.¬† Also, we respected other’s ideas and helped each other develop them further. However, occasionally, even though we had intention, it was hard to choose way of showing idea.

Retrospective Reflection-

I learned that it is really important to think out of the box when devising a piece. It gave me an significant lesson to me not only as a drama student but also as a human being. Sometimes, I feel like I am trapping myself from being different and unique because I am afraid of people’s criticism or misunderstanding. However, now I know that being in a rut is not helpful for anything.


Action Points

-Use of more space

-More interaction with fellow actors on the stage

-Smooth connection 

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