• PSE — Mental Health Reflection

    This week has been a mundane week full of little ups and downs, although I’m not worried. Many of the big wins we remember for the rest of our lives have been built on weeks where there were work and stress and sadness. I believe that the only way you truly experience the sunshine is […]

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  • ToK Question

    How we ‘know’ and with what ‘certainty’ differs across areas of knowledge. There is a clear divide in how many different areas of knowledge are known and validated. In natural sciences, the clear prerequisite to knowledge is testing and observation. Such as in Physics, the plethora of understandings we have accumulated over history has come […]

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  • Conceptual Understandings

    1) Perception is only used through and based on an underlying system of ethics, this underlying ethical archetype has to be grounded in the knowledge that the peers around you share your same reasoning in what is meaningful. However, the reasoning people use is not always universal and is mostly based on the individuals’ beliefs. […]