This week was our second to last meeting for AMK MINDS of the academic year. We completed the same activities as we do every session, including playing the drums for 30 minutes and coloring with the clients for the rest of the time. During the first few sessions, the clients did not feel encouraged at all to drum and were very apprehensive about it, in spite of how hard we tried to encourage them. However, during our last visit not only were several of the clients very excited to work with us, but also played a lot more strong and confidently than they had done at first. Some of them could even come up with slightly more complex patterns. Seeing this improvement in their motor skills throughout the year showed how effective their regular encouragement and dedication in carrying out this activities, and felt really good given all of the hard work we have to dedicate into planning and carrying out each session. This experience relates to the 4th and 5th CAS Learning Outcomes, as I worked together with the members of our service to create and commit to skills that were eventually beneficial to our clients, allowing them to improve their foundational motor skills.

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