CAS Reflection#3

In my CAS, especially in my service, I can see my skill developing. At first, I felt that it was a bit hard to chat with the elder people for a long period of time. In the image, it is clearly to see that I am embarrassed and have a hard time to chat with elder people. Not only me, but also others. Although most of them can speak Chinese, but their dialects are different to me. Sometimes I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I think that will be fine if I speak English. From times to times, I feel like I start getting to become familiar with those different dialects. I can have a long chat with them instead of having a short chat.

CAS Reflection #2

My biggest challenge in CAS is interacting with others, especially in my service.  I am an introverted person. It is really hard to communicate with someone you don’t know. In my service, I met lots of students which I didn’t know. At this stage, it caused some problems on communication and collaboration. Sometimes, I didn’t communicate well with others and caused several mistakes on the activities or games we presented. The worst thing is I am confused on what I need to do sometimes. I think I need to solve this problem immediately. The best way to improve and solve this is getting to know others from the one you know with. I won’t be shy by starting the communication with my friends to others. It will be solved by times to times.



Reflection of My Personality Quiz

After doing my personality test, I am defined as a defender. My personality code is ISFJ-A. From the mind section of the results, I am defined as an introverted person. I got 60% of introverted and 4o% of extroverted. From the energy section, I am defined as an observant. I got 58% of observants and 42% of intuitive. From the nature section, I find I am a emotional person mostly. I got 64% of using feeling to make decision and 36% of using logics to make decision. From the tactic sessions, I am a judging, planned person instead of being a prospecting person. I got 71% of judging and 29% of prospecting. From the identity session, I am an assertive person instead of a turbulent person. I got 58% of assertive and 42% of turbulent.

After checking the results, I found my strengths there.

  • I am supportive. I am glad to help others.
  • I am reliable and patient. I am careful while doing work.
  • I am imaginative and observant. I can think at others point to have different views.
  • I am enthusiastic. I won’t be suffered because of others bad comments.
  • I am loyal and hard-working. I would like to try my best to reach my goals.
  • I have good practical skills. I have the practical sense to actually do something with all this altruism.

I also have weaknesses.

  • I am always getting humble and shy because I am concerned others feeling. I don’t make any mistakes.
  • Sometimes I take things too personally. I may do something which good for me, but may not good to others. That may make others feel bad.
  • I may repress my feelings. I am very sensitive. When I get something wrong, I will protect myself by no valid reson.
  • I am reluctant to change. I prefer old version instead of a completely new version. I am panic to get into a new area.

CAS Reflection#1

I would like to do my CAS to the aspect creativity. It can make me more creative in daily life. Non-creative is one of the most serious problems to me. Hopefully CAS will help that. I would like to do creativity and service at the first two seasons. For activities, I would like to leave them at Season 3 and Season 4 in G11. My plan can maintain my CAS balance. I won’t be rushed every time.

How we “know” and with what “certainty” differs across areas of knowledge? Explain giving examples. (300 words, 2 examples of AOKs)

Areas of knowledge tell us the categories of knowledge. People can define what knowledge is belong to which area. Mathematics is one of the areas of knowledge, which can well defined how we know knowledge. At the beginning of learning Math, students need to learn how to solve the simple equations. In which way, the answer is simple and accurate. That is logic. We need to use the correct logic to find out the knowledge. Theory is also the same thing. By forming a theory, we need to use the logic to predict, to make a hypothesis. In all the processes, they are required knowledge.