LO4 – DJ Club Progress Reflection

I learnt how to scratch in today’s DJ club session, this is a completely new skill set for me. It requires me to put the crossfader to the current playing track at first, and fastly move to the middle, where both of the tracks could be heard, then I will need to play one section of the supportive track, and put my hand on the scratchpad in order to stop the supportive track from continue playing. Meanwhile, I need to crossfade to the main track and then move the scratchboard for setting the playhead to the section again.

I found the hardest part of scratching is to keep the control of both hands if the movement is a bit off, the sound of my moving the supportive track back will be obvious. The attainment of this skill requires me to achieve Learning Outcome 4 – Commitment,  because I need to commit to the regular practice sessions, and keep developing on this skill, to make me master it.

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  1. Adam Steele says: Reply

    Awesome work today. When will you be posting your video?

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