Some EI or EQ goals I want to work on this year are:

  1. You know how to say no. I need to start doing this. I tend to feel guilty when I’m busy and say things like “I don’t think so” or “Maybe not” when I should just say “No.” I also have a habit of prioritising other people above myself and that needs to change.
  2. You don’t seek perfection. This has always been a challenge for me; I want to work on letting things not be perfect and not worrying about them. It will save so much mental energy and also my overall mental wellbeing will improve.
  3. You get enough sleep. This one is challenging for me, because I have insomnia and there isn’t much I can do to sleep more. I know I need more sleep to function/work better but it’s not so simple for me.
  4. You stop negative self-talk. I also have a habit of doing this. I want to learn to recognise and avoid the bad behaviours which I normalise – like spiralling and saying things to myself that simply aren’t helpful.