Kahaani – First Rehearsals

Kahaani is a celebration of Indian dance and music.  The funds raised from the performance will go to the organisation ‘Voice of World’.  This organisation aims to support mentally and physically disabled children in Kolkata, and through this showcase, we will not only be able to raise money but also awareness.  (Learning outcome 6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.)

Dance definitely isn’t one of my strengths, and I never enjoyed performing in front of an audience.  This made my decision to join this activity very difficult as I wanted to try something new and out of my comfort zone, but at the same time I wasn’t sure I would be able to overcome that initial fear.  (Learning outcome 1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth)

Learning the dances for the first time wasn’t easy as I had almost no dance experience prior to this and wasn’t familiar with Indian dance styles.  However, seeing that some of my other friends were also struggling to get the steps down and to remember them made me realise that struggle and fear are inevitable when trying new things, and its how you overcome the difficulties and persevere that really counts.  (Learning outcome 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.)

This is a video of one of our first rehearsals:

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