Kahaani – After the show

Taking part in Kahaani and performing the final shows was so exciting and it was such an incredible experience.  I had never been a part of something like this, so having the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and try something completely different was great.  We were all really nervous before the show but ended up doing well and having lots of fun.  (Learning outcome 4: Show commitment to, and perseverance in, CAS experiences)

I think one of the main reasons we were able to finish learning the dance and have lots of fun performing was because of everyone’s commitment and willingness to collaborate.  There were times where we had to come in on the weekends to get some extra practice in, and everyone was willing to take time out of their weekend to come and work on the dance.  Especially since it was a partner dance, we had to make sure we communicated and collaborated well with our partners to ensure the dance looked good and well practised.

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