Project Week Portfolio Post 1

We will be using the video diary format as our model. We like the way it has video depictions of the city and its life, which we could use to display the beauty of Nepal and Pokhara, and the trek we are undertaking around it as well as maybe also have videos of the schools we visit and also interviewing some of the 3 sisters organisers, and trek leaders, and also maybe some school teachers/ principles along the way, then compile them in a complete format.


Will your final post be built collaboratively? 

Vincent has the camera and video tools to bring to Nepal, we will assign roles for editing when we are back and compiling the video, we will also have responsibilities in making interview questions and conducting the interviews themselves.


Emotional Intelligence




What  do you need to document during the week? Be Specific, create a checklist for you to refer back to. (ex: who will it be important to interview, which questions will you ask?)


How can you balance what the service provider AND future grade 11s might want to see in your final reflection?


How might you use the tool linkedin for your reference on the slide 5?


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