In February this year, a group of 19 including students, teachers, and parents traveled visited Daraja and experienced many different adventures. This year, I was lucky enough to be in this group and experiences this first hand. On the first day, we were buddied up with the girls studying in Daraja and learned about the school’s various different programs, curriculum, and opportunities. The girls allowed us to attend church and classes with them, and were amazingly kind and welcoming. The girls learned useful life skills in their classes, such as taxes and agricultural studies. The group and I were also able to help build the beginnings of their upcoming outdoor agriculture classroom. We also visited a local plantation, and a nearby primary school, and planned activities and games to run with the children there. On another day, we left Daraja to learn about a Masai village run entirely by empowered female tribe members. They taught us about how they sustain themselves, and performed, and allowed us to participate in a very unique and memorable cultural song and dance around a campfire. The group also got to experience two safari tours and watch beautiful animals in their natural habitat. After returning to Daraja school, we participated in a talent show along side the Daraja girls, who sang, danced, recited poetry, performed standup comedy, and organized a fashion show!

I think what really stood out to me was that the girls at Daraja had so much heart. They were so welcoming from the start, and so kind and empathetic towards everyone they met. Each and everyone of them took the time to make sure that everyone was okay and comfortable, and was able to achieve everything they wanted to. I remember every morning, each person in our group would be greeted by a tight and sincere hug as the girls gradually entered the canteen for breakfast, with each girl wearing a huge smile on her face as she greeted us. The sense of community is so strong in Daraja, and I think that every student there truly believes in their cause and is doing everything they can to achieve their biggest dreams, as well as support the dreams of every other girl at the school. I really learned a lot from the girls there, and I think that meeting these girls and learning important lessons about life and community and values is an vital experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life, if not more.