Kahaani 2019 – final reflection

LO 5 Collaboration : working together to achieve an outcome

During Kahaani, I collaborated with my peers in the dance and the dance leaders. For a majority of the time, it was quite easy to work as a group and keep each other motivated to create a fun and memorable performance. At times we were frustrated when people wouldn’t show up to important rehearsals because it meant we would need to back track in the other rehearsals and progress very slowly so that everyone knows their steps.

Another challenge we faced was trying to keep everyone focused as rehearsals took up a lot of time and everyone had other commitments as well. Everyone managed to put in as much effort as they could as we adjusted certain rehearsal timings and put in our best efforts if we were at rehearsals.

Collaboration was a very important aspect in achieving a successful outcome as we all needed to listen to each other’s ideas, whether we could keep up with the dance and adjust with our dance leaders so that everyone was happy with the final two performances. As this was my second time doing Kahaani in this school, I knew how it was run and what I needed to prepare. However, in the future I could be a more effective team player by maintaining a positive attitude throughout the rehearsals and being more positive even when we may have been struggling.

Our final performances were a success and I’m glad I was able to learn more about my Indian culture, here are some photos and videos from the performance.

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