Unplugged 2018

Coming into this performance, I had all sorts of ideas in terms of what I wanted to do. I had originally decided to do Rise and Shine by J. Cole but before I went to audition I was told that all performances had to be played live; basically I couldn’t play an instrumental track and rap over it – like I was used to do doing. Realising that but trying to remain calm, I auditioned with the only piece that I knew well enough to perform with ease – Make the Money by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, which I rapped and played the piano to. The audition went well and I was accepted into the show, however, both I and the directors of the show agreed that I should probably choose a more upbeat piece. I spent a bit of time thinking about it and eventually chose Unforgettable by French Montana. I really liked the song and thought it summed up my first few months in the school. I took the song with me on holiday and listened to it on repeat. I started to write my own lyrics to it, which I had made a practice of to keep myself lyrically and musically engaged. However, for some reason, despite my excitement to perform it, I just didn’t feel as though it was the right song to perform. After going back and forth mentally with this dispute, I eventually changed my song to Unstoppable by The Score. Ms Stirrat told me she wanted me to close the show, and I felt that the energy in this song would be a nice touch, and contrast to the more melodic, slow songs that would be performed prior. I was excited that I ended up with my own band behind me: I had my friends Vir on the electric guitar and backup vocals, Nick on the Bass Guitar, Adil on the drums, and Alastair aka Stairly on the keys.


My lyrics were:

Unstoppable, born 2 ball

You can’t tell me otherwise

Cause I’m facts only, and you only lies

Turned to the left, can’t nobody stand against

So I switched to the right, I see no enemies in sight

Cause I’m Kobe in the fourth, I be Yoda with the force

I’m Kareem with the hook leaving everybody shook

Man, I’m sitting at the top looking down ain’t nobody on my floor

Through it all, He’s my source cause

Climbin up the ladder

Even when my body shattered

But my eyes’ on the throne

And He’s the only thing that matters

So I’m 50 and O

Mayweather flow

I’m strong on my own but we’re stronger when together tho

Can’t nobody tell me what I can’t do no more

Can’t no key limit my access to the top floor

Cause I’m Breakin all the boundaries

People still doubting me

Greatest undoubtedly

Stopping me clownery

They said it wasn’t possible now we unstoppable



All in all, I think it was an okay performance. I’ve realised that sometimes I start to shout which is a bit annoying in hindsight but I can’t help in the heat of the moment – sometimes I try too hard to energise the crowd but like it was fun, I guess 🙂 It was honestly a pleasure to perform with these guys and being my first official music performance in the school, I can’t wait to show what else I can do.