Evergreen Circle activities with the Elderly – SWOT

This semester I worked with a group of peers for the Evergreen Circle activities with the Elderly.

I believed I made a good contribution to the service. I was willing to help and listen to others when explaining their activities. I was also asked to plan an activity with a partner for one of the sessions. We decided to bring in clay with step by step instructions of some clay models. However, we had forgotten some details. For instance, some of the ladies asked for water to mold the clay but we hadn’t brought containers, and some of them got bored with the activity easily. Next time, we will run by the activity a few times and think of possible threats so we come more prepared. Besides planning, I enjoyed talking with the elderly and having good conversations with some of them. However, the language barrier stopped me from connecting with some who didn’t know any English or seemed shy around us. Overall, I believe the elderly enjoyed the service and we had a good variety of activities as well as conversations with each other.

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