The Odyssey (Essay topic – initial ideas)

  • How a mans life is affected by their fate, divine intervention, and men themselves (the relationship between the 3)
    • To what extent does divine intervention affect a mans fate?
      • the gods encourage a mans actions, but the men act
      • the gods only heighten a man qualities, not create
    • The gods are aware of a mans fate and are supposed to act accordingly to guide a person to their fate, but one of the gods human-like qualities is that they each have their own motives and desires they act upon. These decisions sometimes go against fate.
    • A persons fate is their end destination, so there can be several alternative situations which will ultimately lead to that fate.

Other ideas/questions:

  • How is deception depicted? Is it morally just?
  • The role of women in the Odyssey
    • Penelope as the ideal women
  • Odysseus’ journey from a war to peace mentality
  • Telemachus’  journey to manhood
    • Father and son relationships -> Telemachus unsure of his masculinity -> their relationship is more of a follower/fan of a heroic warrior
  • An exploration of the gods having human like qualities, and humans having god-like qualities

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