When I look at these 3 cards, I think they represent my thoughts and feelings during the pandemic. The first card reminds me of my home, which has always been a place of comfort and love. However, due to the current situation, my house can feel suffocating and isolating as well. These feelings were particularly present when we were going to school online and encouraged to not go outside that often, which is why the letter reminds me of all the friends and family I talked to during those times, although I missed seeing them in real life. Therefore, it is with love and compassion that I, as well as everyone else, were able to overcome these difficulties. I find it fitting that the picture on the last card is a real heart rather than the shape we often identify as one, since the image of an actual human organ can reflect how unappealing our journey may seem, yet its ability to continuously beat with passion and life should reflect the attitude we have towards life.


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