Essential Questions on Environmental Unit

What is the environment?

The environment is the world we live in, from the soil we build on, the oceans we sail, the sky we fly in and the forest and mountains we explore. It is the natural world around us, as a whole, especially areas in which humans have interfered.

Why are some environmental issues more attractive than others?

I think some issues are more attractive due to the fact they may be easier to solve, as we don’t completely need to change our life to fit the needs of solving the issue, this can take a lot of motive and effort that most people are not bothered to put in. For example getting rid of your car, while it may be beneficial to the environment it can also be a huge hassle for you as you may need to change habits that you’ve kept for years like without a car you need to plan and leave earlier.

How do environmental attitudes vary and change? (Are humans naturally destructive?)

I don’t think we as a species are naturally destructive I just think that we have the need to expand and thrive, while not particularly thinking too much about other species. I think something we also naturally have is empathy, we feel bad for others and I think slowly through the use of social media society’s views on the environment are slowly changing. Social media has helped other people understand what issues are happening on the environment and people are starting to take action, so I think it is possible for our attitudes to change but my concern is how long it is taking us to actually make a change in the world.

Where do our environmental values come from? (Do we have the right to use the environment and other species for our own needs? Do we have the responsibility to protect the environment for future generations?

I think it’s really how you were raised, in my family I was taught since young to recycle, throw away trash, plastic is bad, pollution, global warming and stuff like that. So saving the environment has really always been part of who I am. I think the environment is quite like a personal buffet, while it has a lot of things and it may seem like it is endless it will run out eventually, it’s all about balance, take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and it will last longer. If something is super popular, regardless if there is more it will eventually run out. I think it IS our job to both spread awareness on the topic and to help make an effort to save the environment.

Are you and environmental activists? What changes are necessary? 

I don’t know if I would consider myself a complete environmental activist but I would say I would like to become better at doing more sustainable things in my life. My family has always had somewhat of a focus on the environment, we are consistent with recycling our newspapers and we don’t use aircon at night. Another thing that was a large decision was we sold our car, while it wasn’t completely for the environment it was part of our decision. Car’s are such a big problem in solving global warming I think in such a small country like Singapore car’s are not necessary as the public transport is just as effective. I think if more people in Singapore looked at it this way it would provide a greater change in the long fight towards a more sustainable future.

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