Importance of Self Defence

Last week, on Tuesday, for our PSE session, we learned self-defense. I personally, felt that the session was incredibly boring and I thought that it was a waste of time. It never really occurred to me that something like this could happen as we live in such a safe environment in Singapore.

Mr. Whitehouse had reminded us that day that, “low crime” is not “no crime”.

At that moment I didn’t feel that it was something to take note of, I didn’t really feel that the need to remain calm and remember the procedure would be so important. However, the same Saturday, I was approached by a stranger and was asked about my clothes and my religion. It was later that day when I reached home I realized that the session on Tuesday was absolutely correct. At that moment when the man spat in my face when I told him I was an “athiest” and didn’t believe in the idea of spirituality,  I realized that I was pumped with adrenaline. My heart was indeed racing at an incredible speed, far worse than when I get an atrocious grade and have to face my parents!

I realized that it was important to back away from the situation to prevent the situation from escalating.

This actually reminded me as to why it is so important to impart education to people who haven’t received education, especially females. At least the basics of self-defense should be taught. Hence why in Focus Africa, we were trying to express the problem of abuse that the students would face and were attempting at making the region a safer place.