Writer’s Fortnight Reflection

What past learning have you applied in this project?

I used my past learning of how to use the MLA citing format and also how to include my research skills into my article.


What new learning have you gained?

I think that I have learned the importance and the impact of using other people’s stories to convey a theme or a message and how it can affect the reader.


What new connections have you made because of the feedback given to you?

I was able to make this article with more details and embellishment and also make it sound less like an essay, but more like an article. This helps the reader to connect better with it.


What mark would you give yourself for effort? Which ATL was most effective?

I think that I would give myself a 5. I feel that I could’ve worked more on it but I think that I put in enough time and effort for the article to be well written.


What attainment mark would you give your article? Discuss reasons why.

I think that I would’ve given myself a 5. I think this because the article had many good points such as the amount of research that it had and how most of them were corroborated using other sources. But I think that I could’ve written the article more casual and less formal.

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