Dance Showcase (initial reflection)

This dance showcase would be the second dance showcase I join in highschool. I participated in one 2 years ago and it was a really fun and rewarding experience.

Though I have previously participated in a dance showcase, dancing in front of a crowd is still a new and challenging experience for me. I hope that through this, I can further develop my skills in dancing, as well as being able to develop confidence in dancing in front of a crowd.

Because I have been chosen to dance in a partner dance, collaborating and understanding my partner will be important in being able to dance well. Along with this, I need to work well with my partner and other people in my dance to make sure formations are correct and that we have the timing right. I hope that I can further improve my collaborative skills through this.

I hope that I am able to develop skills on dancing and stage confidence, as well as collaboration skills

LO2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

LO5-Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.

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