Huda Fahmy cartoon analysis

This is a cartoon produced by Muslim cartoon artist Huda Fahmy, depicting the daily unnecessary and discriminatory comments she receives from individuals that are not Muslim. She conveys the message that comments like these shouldn’t be made towards Muslims, and that they face these kinds of comments very often that they have gotten used to it.

She compares the individual’s comment to one that is similar to garbage, and that it is not worth anything to her. When Huda Fahmy first hears the comment, she freezes up in her spot. This can see from the emotionless and blank expression she has in both the first and second panel. The reason she freezes up on the spot could also signify her taking time to take in the comment, something along the lines of “here we go again”. Huda Fahmy using a vacuum to suck up their comments shows that to Fahmy, these comments are the equivalent of garbage. Because vaccums are created to suck up any dirt and to make the place clean, by Fahmy sucking up the individual’s comment, this signify the cleansing if her personal bubble, to get rid of any dirt that gets in the way, and to get rid of any unnecessary garbage around her. By the sound of the vacuum taking up some of the blank space also help to emphasise the large noise that the vacuum is making. This means that she does this without hiding her actions from the individual, communicating to them clearly, that their opinions and comments are not wanted by her at all. Finally, Fahmy depicts the number of comments she receives that are similar to that. By illustrating a large mountain of garbage, created by garbage bags of unwanted comments, she is able to inform readers about the number of comments she receives. She makes this even clearer using the sign next to the pile in bold colours reading “opinions I didn’t ask for”. Though there is a large mountain of garbage bags, there is still enough room for more garbage bags, possibly signifying that Fahmy relaises that she will continue to recieve comments like these for as long as she is a Muslim.

Fahmy is able to convey the message of not making insensitive comments towards Muslim people. She does this effectively by depicting the fact that they recieve these comments regularly, and that they have their own way of dealing with such comments, by throwing them out like garbage.

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