The Story of the Creation of Run For Rights

The Daraja GC gave birth to Run For Rights in the month of March in 2017. This was a slow start to this project as we had only around 10 participants. However, we knew that someone had said somewhere that it was fine to walk slowly but never backwards.

We started to plan another ‘Run For Rights’ event to take place in September 2017 along with two other GCs which were Myanmar:A New Dawn and Colours of Kattike. We worked through out the start of the year in August even before the GC session started as we wanted to make sure that this event was going to be a success. The money that we were going to earn from this project was going to be allocated into building a library at the girls high school in Kenya and for fighting human rights issues in both Myanmar and Nepal. As we had a just cause in mind, we were determined that we will be able to make this project a success.

What we were able to achieve

After a great amount of thorough planning for this event, the day finally arrived! Three GCs joined together for with the sustainable development goals of quality education and gender equality in mind. We were able to successfully put our plan into work as we already knew that close to 200 participants were ready to arrive at our event. This was a massive improvement from what we were able to achieve last year. We felt very satisfied that our hard work had finally paid off.

The event started with a speech by Jeethu about the great help and awareness that the participants of the run had gathered to raise. Upon finishing the run, everybody were satisfied about they were able to achieve in terms of increasing awareness for and directly helping to deal with human rights issues in Kenya, Myanmar and Nepal. They had also listened to an enlightening podcast with stories of famous figures in the three respective countries speaking about the human rights issues that they had to face in life. The happy smiles of the participants told it all!

Finally, we can say that together we were able to collect a staggering 4500 SGD in order to donate to the service organisations that we were supporting. We are immensely thankful for all those who helped spread word around about our event, took part in our event, helped in our event and most of all raised awareness about the sustainable development goals that we were targeting.

We also took some photos of our participants who held onto inspiring quotes by those who advocated for human rights and quality education.

The podcast to which the participants of the run listened to is attached above.