Project Week – Action

Now that our Project Week is over, I would like to reflect on the action that we did during the week and specifically focus on Learning Outcomes 6 and 7.

After returning from Hanoi, I can safely say that our project week was a great success. Starting with the cooking and basket weaving classes, we were able to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for Vietnamese culture and traditions. Furthermore, we were able to learn a lot about the history of the country by visiting the former prison and local temples. This insightful journey gave us an all-rounded global perspective on the impacts of war (the Vietnam War).

When we arrived at Lak village we were introduced to the village head who told us about ethnic conflict in the area and the necessity of communal togetherness in the face of tension. This issue is mirrored throughout the world nowadays and the words of the village head are highly applicable in many of these scenarios. When we taught a class to the local children, we had to make considerations regarding what we taught them and the impacts of that. Since some of them knew basic English, we taught them how to use new grammatic tools. Hopefully, this short lesson would be helpful in their day to day activities (as the leaders say most of the children leave the village for education and return later on to support the community). This way, their education would assist in developing Lak village as a whole.

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