The Art of the Start: Your first podcast

Interested in trialing podcasting as an assessment option in your class? Check out Tech Mentor, Georgina’s reflection on that very process: NPR shares the podcasting-love with this excellent resource for newbies and ninjas alike. And of course, your DLC squad are always here to workshop, support and cheer you on.

Digital Bytes October 5, 2015

This week’s Digital Bytes will change your life! There are 3 fantastic articles: Converting photos of text into actual text using Google Drive, the importance of school leadership understanding the digital world and 33 digital tools for formative assessment.

Digital Bytes 28th September 2015

This week we have an article about how multimedia storytelling can change people’s perception and develop empathy, a post on a hybrid model of assessment, blending analog and digital tools, and a response to the OECD article that made the rounds a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

Digital Bytes April 27 2015

In this week’s Digital Bytes there are articles on a variety of assessment tools, the benefits of social media for kids and apps and websites to help create movies and animation. 

Four assessment tools you’ll flip over.

“White Men by David Reeves“ The “flipped classroom” is a way of describing instructional methods that invert the traditional model of learning where the teacher dispenses content to her or his students during lessons and then sends them on their way to complete problems and meaning-making at home. In flipped instruction, students front-load the content…