CREST Reflection #1

What might have helped you decide your project theme?
My general interests, as well as my mother, helped me decide my project theme. My mother strongly believes in things like homeopathy and meditation to heal, and I never really trusted it as I assumed there was no real scientific evidence to support those things. This is why I decided to study meditation for my project, to discover if there is any truth to it or not.

How might you demonstrate creativity and innovation through this project?
I can demonstrate creativity and innovation through the type of communication medium that I’m doing. I am demonstrating my research as a video, therefore I will have the opportunity to implement engaging and attractive visuals to help display the information. 

One thought on “CREST Reflection #1

  1. I like the fact you’ve chosen something that’s so personally relevant. Looking for the science behind these medicines is challenging and often has challenging explanations so I wonder how you will try to make sure it is easy understood and not too complex.


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