Who we are

Generation. Education. Period (G.E.P.) is a Focus Group at UWCSEA East that aims to eradicate period poverty, eradicate menstrual shaming, and promote sustainable menstrual products.

Previously, we partnered with Green Umbrella’s Sewing Center. However, our relationship proved unsustainable as the high school students distributing our products left out of the Cambodian village for college and the sewers moved back to their hometowns. Currently, we are looking for G.E.P.’s new direction.

My name is Lydia and I’m 16 years old. I am from Hong Kong and I have been living in Singapore for almost 12 years, in UWCSEA East for 5. I joined GEP last year and was amazed at how efficient and goal focused it was. I was also able to find a passion for GEP as I plan to continue to be a part of this group until I graduate. GEP has taught me about this important issue of period poverty and menstrual stigma. From there, I wanted to give back to others who do not have the privilege I am fortunately given.

My name is Aastha Trivedi and I am 17 years old. While my parents are from India, I was born in Singapore and I strongly identify will all the countries I have lived in over the 17 years of my life. These include Singapore, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. By 2020 I will have lived in Singapore for 10 years, and since grade 9 I have been at United World College South East Asia for 3 years. I have always had a natural interest in humanitarian issues, particularly issues centered around the rights and the needs of women.

I am Isabella and I’m 17 years old. My father is American and my mother is Japanese-Brazilian. I was born in Hong Kong and then later moved to Singapore where I have now been living for 11 years. I joined United World College of South East Asia East Campus in third grade and have since been involved in a variety of activities and service experiences that have helped me develop a wide range of skills that I value immensely. I have now been involved with GEP for about 5 years and have had the pleasure of being a part of the process of learning and developing.

My name is Shrishti and am a 16-year-old student currently attending UWCSEA. Both my parents are Indian and I was born in India as well. Nonetheless, I’ve stayed in Singapore for the majority of my life but resided in Hong Kong for a bit over a year. Through having an understanding of the struggles that many women face globally regarding menstrual hygiene, I’ve learned to become more compassionate and aware of the growing issue that this has become. Thus, I’ve had the delight of joining the service group Generation Education Period that has enabled me to direct my passion in a productive manner.

My name is Noshin and I am a 17-year-old student at United World College of South East Asia East Campus. I was born in Bangladesh and moved to Singapore when I was 3, and have been living here since. Coming up to my 10th year at UWCSEA, I have been engrossed in several different services and activities throughout my career at this school, but none stuck with me the way Generation Education Period has. I first joined the service in grade 8, which is when I learned about the issue with menstrual hygiene in less developed countries.

My name is Brooke and I am a 15-year-old student at UWC. I was born and grew up in Singapore. I have attended UWC for eight years and have always been intrigued by our Service programme. I felt ashamed that it had never occurred to me that women are unable to afford the most basic needs. Moreover, it was shocking that this issue, despite costing millions of girls’ education, is not publicly known. This service has opened my eyes to how privileged I am and has driven me to make an impact on this hidden issue.