GEP’s 2020-2021 team

Ran McClean

I am passionate about both waste reduction and gender equality, so GEP with its broad focus felt like a perfect focus group to join.

Brooke Cohen

I joined GEP because after learning about period poverty and menstrual shaming, the thought that women are being disadvantaged due to a biological process kept running through my mind. I knew that was not right, and GEP empowered me to make a change.


Lexie Cohen

I joined GEP because I want to make an end to the stigma around mensuration and period poverty that millions of women and girls face today.

Soumya Tandon


I Joined GEP to take part in helping those that are not able to access menstrual products while hoping to help eradicate the stigmas that surround periods around the world.

Melanie Wilson

My whole life I have been an advocate of issues that relate to girls and women and want to make a difference to the lives of those who are not as fortunate as myself. I love working with the G.E.P students and feel inspired by them.


I joined GEP because I felt like issues surrounding menstrual poverty and menstrual shaming applied heavily to the context that I was coming from. I wanted to share my perspectives and work with people to come up with solutions to raising awareness and direct action.

Maya Prakash

I have always been deeply interested in the issues of menstrual shaming and period poverty. GEP was the perfect place to address these issues!


I joined GEP to further educate myself on issues such as period poverty, and try to do what I could to raise awareness in our school community and make a difference on a global scale.

Saloni Gore

I joined GEP because I wanted to help promote the use of sustainable menstrual products and suppress the stigma around menstruation that many women face.

Damini Ramesh

I joined GEP because I wanted to spread more awareness about period poverty and also to raise awareness about how most period products aren’t sustainable.

Amayra Singh

GEP is a focus group I joined last year. Due. to the major period poverty in India, it intrigued me to understand the problem and make a change in whatever country I possibly can. This focus group has helped me extend my knowledge about the importance of menstrual hygiene and alternative menstrual products.