English Further Oral Activity 1


For my FOA, I focused on code-switching and social relations. I think it’s a really interesting topic since it happens in our everyday lives without even realising it. Code-switching shows our understanding of a certain society and language which makes us fit in better. Therefore, making us more comfortable.

To be honest, I think I did well by being confident, however, I found it hard speaking for such a long time. Furthermore, I think I could’ve done better with my analysis of code-switching and why do we even code switch.

I mostly got positive feedback on how smoothly I connected all my points and on the evidence I used. However, I was told I could’ve analysed more to have a more solid presentation.

For my future FOAs, I definitely need to focus on evaluating everything I use. I think I chose a hard topic since it wasn’t necessarily focused on a specific community so next time I’ll make sure I choose a community which I know well so that I could talk about it for a long time. I found it easy talking about Kazakh and Russian since I’m from Kazakhstan so if I choose something I know confidently, I’m sure I won’t have any problems with presenting for 10 to 15 minutes.



My FOA presentation, video & feedback






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