PSE – Identity

As the year has begun, one of the biggest changes from IGCSE to IB is PSE as its own class. I actually like it because it’s the place where I can relax from the other classes since I don’t have any free blocks. Our first unit is Identity and understanding it.

PSE helped me understand the different types of personality and EQ while also accepting my own identity. This will help me through my IBDP journey since it helps me understand how people cope differently with stress, anxiety or personal problems. Additionally, it helps us understand emotions and how to control ourselves.

I think I’m becoming a more mature person and I accept the fact that everyone during this time is going through different things so we all need to sympathize with each other. The stress during these 2 years will be tough to cope with but there will also be many fun memories with friends. My friends see me as a chill person, who is always there when you need advice. I’m usually the one to take risks within my group and that’s what makes it fun.


Overall, I think PSE is an important aspect of learning and growing as a person.

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