SGM Murni Child Care Center

Sessions 1 & 2

In the first session, we got to know each other and talked about some of the rules such as being patient and more understanding of their skills. We were informed of their ages (5-6 years old) and their limitations so that we better understand their abilities at such age. Furthermore, what I like about this service is that we are also able to work on our skills and have fun together while boosting the kids’ confidence.

In the second session, we went to the Child Care Center to meet the kids. I was surprised to see them so active and lively. They jumped around, held my hand and showed me some of their board games. To be honest, I thought they would be shy meeting us for the first time but it was the exact opposite. I’m excited to lead this group of kids because of their enthusiasm!

The next few sessions will be spent in the gym so that we could learn how to coach them and how to minimise risks. I’m also eager to work with this group of students since they’re the people I don’t usually talk to and I would love to step outside my comfort zone and talk to new people.

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