This is an article we read in English class.

At first, the author accepted that she has to learn English. She wants fit in. She let go of of her culture, believing that it would help her belong, survive in this unfamiliar country.  Now, she realizes that there shouldn’t be a ‘right’ way to speak English. So what if she has an accent? She believes that this is language assimilation- and that she shouldn’t be getting less privileges and rights because of her origin or because she speaks differently.

The author’s wordings were quite strong, stating her opinions more instead of asking questions. Connecting problems in the world to her own story. I agree with her on some degree. Yes, one should learn a country’s language before moving there as a ‘politeness’, but you shouldn’t be judging and discriminating against immigrants, they have gone through a lot to learn your language and understand your culture. They have to give up parts of their own cultures in able to survive in this world.  They should get the same right every human being deserve.


(written in 2018)

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