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Nature is Love

In each section we shall watch a short video with the explanations for breathing techniques, then we do a meditation from the audio file and finally we discuss and complete the corresponding columns in the Matrix
  •  Where are we? 20% 20%

Ujjai Breath. How?

Ujjai Pranayama


After breathing and meditating discuss in your own groups what words to put inside each box in the 1st column of the matrix (5 systems of perception)

  • What are we here for ? 45% 45%

Alternate Breath


After breathing and meditating discuss in your own groups what words to put inside each box in the 2nd column of the matrix (5 systems of action)

  • How are we connected to the Universe? 70% 70%



After breathing and meditating discuss in your own groups what words to put inside each box in the 3rd and 4th column of the matrix (5 systems Micro and Macro systems)

  • Dissolving in Space 100% 100%

Medicine of Mantras


AUM 5 minutes of sound meditation
Lay down on your back for 20′ Yoga Nidra Meditation


Students Love it!

“I learnt the importance of Physics and why it is so important. Because I now understand that our lives are based around the things around us and not our bodies – I am building the basis of my learning and mindset to understand Physics on a deeper and more meaningful level than just for the number on a report card. I learnt what physics is and the 5 different elements, macro systems, micro systems, senses and actions” D. O: Grade 12


Mindfulness sessions helped me create visuals of the topics studied in class so I could understand better. But apart from the learning topics, it helps me make sense of this world I live in. It makes me feel alive and active and sometimes shows me what I can be capable of and what I can become.

S. D: Grade 12


“Meditation allows me to open my mind to new concepts allowing for them to be absorbed quickly and efficiently. Meditation does this as your mind enters a state of total awareness, allowing for thoughts to just flow. This is why meditation has been something I always look forward to before starting a new topic. Mindfulness is something I think I would continue even past IB as now i’ve seen the potential it has. Overall, mindfulness in combination with conceptual learning is a great alliance and should be followed in order to fully understand physics and ultimately score well in this field of science” IE: Grade 12


“Mindfulness is something I have fallen in love with. I watched videos about mindfulness and how it had helped people. I was bamboozled. I decided to try that by meditating on my own every night and waking up saying, “Sten, I love you”. I wanted to practice kind attention because 5 words from videos echo in my head, “What you practice grows stronger.” Whilst meditating, I focus on breathing and try to focus my attention on it. First, my mind just wandered off a lot, but now it is getting better. Since I started practicing mindfulness I have noticed some changes in my behavior; I am happier, kinder and more relaxed, less tired” SL:Grade 12


“We got lost in doing, thinking, anticipating.
We have forgotten how to be.
To be still, to be ourselves.
To be where live is: HERE and NOW
Whenever you bring your attention to anything natural,
you step out of the prison of conceptualized thinking and to some extent participate in the state of connectivity with being in which everything natural still exists
Only when you are still inside you have access to the realm of stillness in which rocks plants and animals inhabit.
When human beings become still they go beyond thought. There is an added dimension of awareness in the stillness that is beyond thought.
Through you Nature becomes aware of itself”
(Eckhart tolle)


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