Mentor Buddy Class

12SPE and 3KDU so far had been a good mixture. As a smaller mentor class, we are splitting and working with small groups of students. Personally, I very enjoy spending time with 3KDU students, as they are all very bright students. Last time they’ve shared their prepared plays and surprised me with their acting skills and abilities to team up with classmates, who they don’t usually work with. Everyone is talented and intelligent. Individually and in groups, they are working hard towards their academic success and trying to contribute as much as possible to every task we are doing. 

Buddy Class and being a boarding buddy

Being a boarding buddy for 3LPN class is my favourite part on Monday mornings. All students are extremely intelligent and sometimes ask me questions that require deep understanding and knowledge. Originally, I’ve decided to take the buddy class to be able to help them learn and interact with each other freely. To my surprise, I’ve been learning more from them and came to be a less collaborative person than them. This irony is something that makes every session very fun and entertaining. Each student has his/hers own strong worldview and opinion on things, and shares concerns and thoughts even on big topics like university education and career. Excellent behaviour and wonderful sense of humour of my little friends helps the learning process and relationships prosper. They all like to share their stories, which never repeating and always extremely interesting. Being ten years older than them, I’ve expected them to be less mature than they actually are. However, all my expectations changed since the day I’ve become their buddy. Working with them is a pleasurable process from which I’ve learned more than I thought i would. Although first few times were a little challenging to build the connection between each one of them, now we’ve become very close friends and we are having a lot of fun. They know my hobbies and I know theirs, and we update each other every other week on what happened in our lives and in the world.

Final EE Reflection, Viva Voce

Writing my EE on the chosen topic helped me to gain an in-depth knowledge in the area of multitrack recording and its process. I’ve learnt much more than I’ve expected, by analysing the examples and using plenty of research. I believe that the gained knowledge is going to be useful in my future studies and career, as I am planning to continue the music course at the university.
The research process went well for me, I’ve managed to find the needed data in short time. However, choosing the examples and analysing them has been quite challenging for me as it required fluency in music terminology and language.
Surprisingly for me, the use of multitrack recording turned up to be so common and global in 1960s. I’ve expected that 1960s wouldn’t be that technologically advanced, especially in the music industry. The investigation of that changed my opinion.
I believe that EE has been successful enough. I’ve covered an absolutely unfamiliar topic and managed to find the data and examples which perfectly linked to the topic and demonstrated the musical complexities of the multitrack recording.

Basketball Pre-season 2018

This year’s competitive team members helped me to identify my limitations in skills. I was unpleasantly surprised how in 3 months without practicing my skills had completely changed without practicing. During the pre-season I tried very hard to return them back and be able to do my best during the tryouts. Every training I tried to improve my skills through practicing shooting and passing, running to develop endurance and coordination. I was working very hard on every skill I’ve forgotten over the summer and now, when it comes to tryouts I will try my best to get in to the team, because I believe that I am capable of develop my skills even more when I’m surrounded by the competitive team members. It will motivate me to do better and practice more. In comparison to last year, I feel weaker and less confident in myself when playing. However, I think this is a wonderful experience for me, that shows my body abilities from a different angle and motivates me to be able to return my skills and practice hard to get in to the team and contribute my best in our trainings and games. I am glad to be surrounded by so many talented, sportive students, because it creates a very good vibe in the team, during the trainings everyone tries to show their best and help others learn something new from it. Sport is inseparable part of me and I will work very hard to return my skills and improve dribble and skills for the in-season basketball games. Looking forward to my tryouts!

Interim Reflective Conversation 2

After submitting my first EE draft, I’ve realised how challenging it is to find a pertinent source of information for my analysis. I’ve invested a lot of time in figuring out the demand on Beatles’ music and its relation multitrack recording. I wanted to find a significant numbers that will show the increase in popularity of songs and compare them to the previous pieces, where Beatles weren’t reliant on technological recording, in order to demonstrate the influence of multitrack recording and the change in their popularity as the musicians. “A Hard Day’s Write: The Story Behind Every Beatles Song” written by Steve Turner, is a very descriptive source, that I’ve used to graph the changes in their success with use of multitrack recording. My supervisor suggested me to use more terminology when describing the musical changes and elements, and asked to make precise analysis of the two pieces I’m going to compare, to use the score and analyse every significant part, in order to find out the different ways of recording and to continue developing it.

Initial Reflection, EE

My intention for EE was to write an essay based on the topic that I am passionate about and which will expand my knowledge. Music is my IB HL subject that I will write my EE on. Finding the topic was time-consuming and challenging. However, I’ve managed to come up with one decent topic: “How did the innovations in multitrack recording from the 1960’s to the present day influenced artists and their compositions”.
I am excited to write my EE. I feel like the choice of the topic is ardent. I can’t wait to plunge into the deep knowledge of multitrack recording and learn more about the process itself. I am eager to collect data from different sources, such as interviews and secondary resources. I think it’s going to be a memorable process, from which I will gain an important experience.

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