Basketball Pre-season 2018

This year’s competitive team members helped me to identify my limitations in skills. I was unpleasantly surprised how in 3 months without practicing my skills had completely changed without practicing. During the pre-season I tried very hard to return them back and be able to do my best during the tryouts. Every training I tried to improve my skills through practicing shooting and passing, running to develop endurance and coordination. I was working very hard on every skill I’ve forgotten over the summer and now, when it comes to tryouts I will try my best to get in to the team, because I believe that I am capable of develop my skills even more when I’m surrounded by the competitive team members. It will motivate me to do better and practice more. In comparison to last year, I feel weaker and less confident in myself when playing. However, I think this is a wonderful experience for me, that shows my body abilities from a different angle and motivates me to be able to return my skills and practice hard to get in to the team and contribute my best in our trainings and games. I am glad to be surrounded by so many talented, sportive students, because it creates a very good vibe in the team, during the trainings everyone tries to show their best and help others learn something new from it. Sport is inseparable part of me and I will work very hard to return my skills and improve dribble and skills for the in-season basketball games. Looking forward to my tryouts!

Interim Reflective Conversation 2

After submitting my first EE draft, I’ve realised how challenging it is to find a pertinent source of information for my analysis. I’ve invested a lot of time in figuring out the demand on Beatles’ music in a relation to use of multitrack recording. I wanted to find a significant numbers that will show the increase in popularity of songs and compare them to the previous pieces, where Beatles weren’t reliant on technological recording, in order to demonstrate the influence of multitrack recording and the change in their popularity as the musicians. “A Hard Day’s Write: The Story Behind Every Beatles Song” written by Steve Turner, is a very descriptive source, that I’ve used to graph the changes in their success with use of multitrack recording.

My supervisor suggested me to use more terminology when describing the musical changes and elements. Moreover, I was asked to make precise analysis of the two pieces I’m going to compare, to use the score and analyse every significant part, in order to find out the different ways of recording and to continue developing it.

Initial Reflection, EE

My intention for the EE was to write an essay based on the topic that I am passionate about and which can expand my knowledge at the same time. Due to the fact that music is one of mine IB HL subject, I decided to choose it for my EE. The process of finding the topic was very time-consuming and complicated. However, I managed to come up with one decent topic: “How did the innovations in multitrack recording from the 1960’s to the present day influenced artists and their compositions”.
I am very excited to write my EE because of the choice of the topic that I think is very ardent. I can’t wait to plunge into the deep knowledge of multitrack recording and learn more information about the process itself. I am eager to collect the data from different sources, such as interviews and secondary research. I think it is going to be a memorable, valuable process, from which I will gain catchy experience.

EE day

One thing I’ve learned from EE day is how a specific technology, such as MIDI, ADAT and other types of tape-based equipment was used in music production throughout the past century. Mainly, I gained a lot of knowledge about the multi-track recording process and how it was used as an invaluable reference for the professional and a comprehensive overview for a beginner musician.

As my EE topic is “How have the innovations in multi-track recording from the 1960’s to the present day  influenced artists and their compositions”, I have found and researched few pieces from the 1960s, 1980s and one from present day, which I am really proud of, due to the fact that  it is a big part of data that I am going to use in my EE writing. My pieces are Beatles- Please please me (1963), Beach boys- Pet sounds (1965) and Frankie goes to Hollywood- relax (1980). They perfectly fit my topic and help the development of the theme. Hense, these pieces will help me to conduct an investigation into my EE, and highlight a specific issue that I am focusing on in my essay.

In my further work, I will be investigating the scales that I found today and use the sources that I’ve established to link them to my topic and extract interesting and useful information. I think it is a very good start for my EE writing process, and it is going to be a less stressful procedure due to the amount of time I’ve invested in my findings and reading about the multi-track recording.


5 Rivers GC

Since my last post about 5 Rivers GC, we’ve made a huge progress.

We’ve had organised charitable basketball game between students and

teacher to collect money for helping anti-drug campaign in Punjab,

India. Everyone in our GC community had their own task and contributed

to the project in its own way. Some were in charge of organising the

event, like asking the high school office to allow using the sports

hall. Others were in charge of posters, sending invitations and making

posts on our grade 11 page. There were those who were collecting

money. Me and two other girls were in charge of making donation boxes

and collecting the money from all who wanted to donate the money in

front of the entrance to the sports hall during the event. We were

preparing boxes the night before the event. We’ve printed our GC label

and sticked it on them and cut a hole on top for cash and coins.

During the charity basketball game many people have donated their

money, what was very important for all of us is participants of 5

Rivers GC. We were preparing this event for a long time and we were

reading and watching movies about Punjab’s drug addiction to be more

knowledgable about the issue and to be able to raise the awareness of

other people about it. As the result of the event we’ve collected

around S$200 and send it to our main organisation in Punjab.

This few month in the GC have completely changed my understanding of

drug-addiction and its reason. It made me become more aware of how

people are struggling by having this addiction. All our GC staff are

involved in this issue and we all sincerely want to help fight the

drug addiction and bring awareness to other students and teachers. I

am glad that 5 Rivers GC gave me an opportunity to be a part of this

movement. Soon, we are going to get our GC t-shirts and I will be so

proud to wear it. Can’t wait to learn more about it in our future

sessions and help change something in the world.


I am fascinated with basketball, it is a very intelligent and fun

sport that allows to develop strategic thinking, team play and good

physical training. Since last October I have done my pre-season

basketball trainings and I’ve started the season 1 in the girls B-team


We had around 6 basketball competitions with different Singaporean

international schools and we won two of them. Although, it is not the

highest performance rate, what is remarkable is that our performance

has improved over time. Sometimes there wasn’t enough training time

before the games, but me and my team still played pretty well.

The diversity of cultures makes the process of trainings and games

even more interesting. All of us have our own strategies and ways of

playing that we bring from all over the world. We all share our

tactics and skills with each other and picking the best of them to be

a very strong competitor for every team that we played with.

I am very excited every game and I’m trying to enjoy the process.

Every game lost is our mutual defeat, and every victory is our mutual

achievement. I am very happy to be in this team, where everyone

understanding and helping each other as one. Of course sometimes there

are some negative emotions coming out especially when we are loosing,

but overall this is the most friendly basketball team that I have ever

been to and the most friendly competitor as well.

It is going extremely well and I am looking forward for more

competitions, challenges and hard-workouts on our trainings and during



Since the last post, we had one very big concert, where I’ve been

participating in two performances. First was with my music HL class

and the other one was the orchestra. We were preparing 3 pieces, two

with the whole orchestra (strings, woodwinds, percussions etc.) and

one only for strings. During the preparation for the concert, my

violin skills and sense of assembling have been developed tremendously.

It is a wonderful chance for me because I get to learn a lot of new

things about myself. Some things I’ve never learned about made me more

knowledgeable in the area of music. I’ve had a hard time first few

month because of the language barrier. I have never learned any type

of musical structure or any other concepts in English. So this is a

very big change for me. As we are all different and many of orchestra

participants have different backgrounds in musical education, it was

hard first to understand each other.

For example, all my life I was using the do re mi structure of musical

notes, but since I joined the orchestra, I met a lot of people who are

using the ABC notation. And so I had a great chance to learn

a new way of writing down the notes. It was a bit hard to get on with,

but no one said it will be easy. I just now realize that I have played

3 pieces on our last orchestra concert. Three pieces for such a short

period of time is a big change and learning pace and pressure for me

as well.

But aside from an extremely intensive and hard work, it was a lot of

fun and it is so much easier to learn pieces with everyone all

together. It is one of the most remarkable moments for me because I

was lucky to feel the music which we are creating together. It

is a miracle by itself! And being a part of this miracle means a lot

to me. Now we are continually learning new pieces for our next

concert. I am very happy that I am able to join this powerful

orchestra, with talented, knowledgeable and well-trained musicians. I

am looking forward to our next concert in February.


Music Therapy with Apex

Since my last post a lot have been changed. I’ve started practicing

music therapy on a resident of Apex centre. I am working with Cheng

Tee, who speaks Chinese and English. This wonderful lady changed my

life for better. All our sessions should be based on listening to the

music. And as a part of dementia she doesn’t remember the name of the

songs, but she can speak fluently and understand everything that I am

asking about. She is very involved in the process and she always

smiles to everyone, she is a very helpful and active person, I am very

lucky to have her as my working-partner.


She loves Elvis Presley’s songs a lot and even remembers some of them.

While listening she is always clapping or stomping into rhythm, even

when she doesn’t feel well, she tries to be involved in it. It was a

breath-taking experiences, when I met her. As we learned from our

supervisor, many of people with dementia are not able to talk or show

their emotions, because they are mainly just don’t remember how to use

their muscles, so not all of them can be interactive. But Ms. Cheng

Tee is a very nice lady, who likes to talk and smile. Even when I’m

feeling a bit down, or I’m tired she starts clapping into rhythm and

smiling, which is so nice of her.

Once she didn’t want to listen a music, so we were talking the whole

process of music therapy. It is wonderful, but she remembers how she

got to the Apex centre and she told me story about her best friend and

her roommate in the apex centre, whom she was feeding and taking care

along with all of the workers of apex centre. It will stay

confidential as it is her experiences and her life, but just the fact

that she lets me know her life better builds a good connection and

trust between us.

I think our sessions are very helpful for both of us and helps fight

her disease, because she remembers me and sometimes remembers the

songs that we are listening too (the playlist is almost the same and

doesn’t change from session to session) and so it so fascinating when

she asks me to switch the song, because we already have listened to it

last week. I have wonderful, positive experiences about my time in

Apex centre. I am very glad I can have an impact on someone’s life

just by playing Elvis Presley’s songs. Can’t wait to continue our

sessions and really hope to help ease the disease of Ms.Cheng Tee.

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