Basketball Pre-season 2018

This year’s competitive team members helped me to identify my limitations in skills. I was unpleasantly surprised how in 3 months without practicing my skills had completely changed without practicing. During the pre-season I tried very hard to return them back and be able to do my best during the tryouts. Every training I tried to improve my skills through practicing shooting and passing, running to develop endurance and coordination. I was working very hard on every skill I’ve forgotten over the summer and now, when it comes to tryouts I will try my best to get in to the team, because I believe that I am capable of develop my skills even more when I’m surrounded by the competitive team members. It will motivate me to do better and practice more. In comparison to last year, I feel weaker and less confident in myself when playing. However, I think this is a wonderful experience for me, that shows my body abilities from a different angle and motivates me to be able to return my skills and practice hard to get in to the team and contribute my best in our trainings and games. I am glad to be surrounded by so many talented, sportive students, because it creates a very good vibe in the team, during the trainings everyone tries to show their best and help others learn something new from it. Sport is inseparable part of me and I will work very hard to return my skills and improve dribble and skills for the in-season basketball games. Looking forward to my tryouts!

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  1. Hi Adel,
    Thanks for sharing your reflections with me. it’s great to see you stay committed to your CAS portfolio.
    Keep it up!

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