Extended Essay Reflection 2

After completing my initial submission of my EE, I was able to reflect on how my research strategies improved throughout the process. As it was an experiment based EE, selecting research studies that had similar facts and statistics to back up my conclusions was imperative. Especially when writing my conclusion, I felt I had conducted successful research in order to have the correct information in relation to my essay and evaluations. I had not realised that there was such extensive planning of the uncontrolled variables needed in order to carry out a sport related investigation but later realised that each participant is different and essentially can’t be compared to another. This broadened my perspective on the sports science topics as it allowed me to look into the effects on a single athlete rather than a group. With research to allow me to adjust my investigation, I was successful in evaluating the effectiveness of the methods that I looked to use to collect my data. My previous knowledge of the subject allowed me to pick and refine which parts of the research I felt were necessary for complimenting my experiment. Through this I was able to be informed as to how my results may come out but not form a bias due to the fact I had not completed this specific study before. Along with past knowledge and framework, the ability of  conducting  successful research and being able to specifically pick out key ideas to use within my essay was improved throughout the process of writing my initial draft.

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