AIDA (Beginning) #LO2

AIDA, our school’s 2018/19 Music Production, is something that I was really excited to be part of. Having always performed classical pieces as a solo or a duet, I figured that it would be a good and new challenge to learn to perform as a part of a larger band while also expanding my musical knowledge into the the “Rock” genre. The beginning was quite challenging as I had to understand how to read a new form of music, while also learning to play chords on beat. The fast tempo of learning also made it quite hard for me to adapt because, as a classical musician, it takes me around a year to perfect 3 songs, therefore having to learn 3 songs in one rehearsal was tough. The whole beginning phase sums of LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process, as I have developed the new skill of working in a band, playing Rock music and speeding up my ability to learn. I find it the most confusing to keep to the rhythm and play the melody lines as fast as they are meant to be played, which sometimes causes the band to stop playing as I had made a lot of mistakes. However, thanks to the characteristics of Rock music, it allowed us for flexibility within the pieces. I originally expected that we had to follow the score, similar to classical music, however, that was not the case as improvisation and adjustments are key to the genre of Rock music. I think hat in the next few weeks with a few more whole band rehearsals, the puzzles will start to fit together will really start to live up to its name. This interesting process will carry on and I cant wait to hear the end product.

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