Project Week: Mid Refelction

Outline of the week:

Day 1-Sunday

We landed in Jakarta at around 1 p.m. then we went to our hotel. We then spent the day going to a nearby mall and resting.

Day 2 – Monday

We went to Taman Mini for the day, looking at cultural houses and museums as well as the bird park.

Day 3 – Tuesday

A food tour at the Food Avenue and tried foods from Indonesia, we also got ready for for the next day at XSProject.

Day 4 – Wednesday

This was the day where we went to XSProject with another Project Week group. This day, we all collectively help build a cart for a member of the trash-picker community and worked together to build it (Lo 5). We also went to the XSProject office and took a tour, looking at how they upcycle materials.

Day 5 – Thursday

We attended a pesantren for the kids that are supported by XSProject, where they study about religion and leadership skills. I was also given the chance to give a small speech and introduction about JSK and UWCSEA as well as their vision and mission. The rest of the day, we spent the day making a promotional video about XSProject to be used for their website and to raise awareness about plastic and trash in Jakarta. (Lo 6)

Day 6 – Friday

This day, we fly back to Singapore. However, before that, we went to the XSProject office to show our first draft for the video, which they seemed quite pleased with us.



Trip Video during Taman Mini

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