• EA
  • EA Engagement 3: Afa volunteer

    On 21 July 2018, I went for my second volunteering to Afa (Action for AIDS) and there, I had an HIV testing training. The organization separates the testing process into; registration, pre-counseling, testing and post-counseling. Since I’ve already done the training for the reception, I attended the training for the testing stage; where one volunteer […]

  • Finding Your Voice
  • Finding Your Voice

    I signed up for the finding your voice sessions after school to gain an insight on how to write an¬†essay for universities. It was interesting because I got to gain an insight into the different ways you write essays for US universities and UK universities. In each session, there were 15 minutes of free writing, […]

  • CAS
  • Project Week Reflection

    For project week, I went to an island called Siargao in the Philippines to do activity and service. We stayed there for from June 4th to 8th and in this post, I will reflect on the amazing experience I had throughout the week. How did your experience in Project Week increase your awareness or knowledge […]

  • CAS
  • PPIS final reflection

    Throughout this academic year, I joined a local service called PPIS. This service was carried out every Friday after school and we had the opportunity to interact with kids from around 3 to 5 years old. Around 15 of them came every week and we planned activities every week to fulfill the creativity aspect of […]

  • Extended Essay
  • EE Day (May 3rd)

    Through EE day, I learned that it is important to have a clear structure to establish the flow of the essay when writing a long essay. It is important to organise evidence by main points to prevent the arguments or evaluations to be repetitive. Additionally, by using the organized outline, I will be able to […]