1.) I reached the campus on 9th morning, thats when orientation week had begun. It was very over whelming to see so many people from such diverse cultures and so many different countries getting along with one another.  Even though so many new students weren’t fluent in english we played games and interacted in other ways. Orientation week was extremely eventful, all the new students got to know each other over activities like morning walks beside the lake, going to marina bay sands, ice breakers, pool party, and beach clean up. Since i’m a boarder, i do have a room mate and i had a sigh of relief when i met her as we got along well. School has been suprisingly good as the teachers are really  engaging, they provoke our thoughts and help us think out of the box which my previous school hadn’t ever taught me. The past two weeks have been prodigious and i cant wait to take up the opportunities UWCSEA has to offer, learn new things, become a better human being and contribute to the society in every way i can.

2.) According to me the coming year seems to be really eventful as i’m starting a new journey at uwcsea, a school I’ve been wanting to go for since grade six. This year learning new things, participating in culturama and different activities, doing service,  and getting know more people from different cultures and gaining knowledge about their cultures and countries seems to be the potential highlight for me.

Since I’m coming from a private school in new delhi, it is extremely different from UWCSEA in every way possible so adapting to the new system, engaging with people, competing with people as the people here are competitive and focused, succeeding in the opportunities i take up, managing my time between academics, activities, hobbies, service and my social life can be my potential obstacles in this upcoming year.

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