Below is information regarding the humanization of refugees and the impacts COVID has had on it.  If you are interested, feel free to post comments, start discussions and search for additional resources.

Link to video

Crossroads HK – link to website

The Refugee Run LINK

  • Simulation activity 
  • Life in a refugee camp
    • Hunger
    • Illness 
    • Lack of education
    • Corruption
    • Lack of shelter 
  • Prejudice from the community
  • Violence against them
  • Lack of proper documentation
    • Inability to find jobs or get education
    • Unjust treatment under law
  • Testimony: “A remarkable experience… One is moved, emotionally, out of normality, to a better understanding of the fears and dangers present for refugees.” (Jeffrey Sachs, Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University)
  • Goals: Education, Empathy, Empowerment LINK
  • Inputs given from refugee colleagues, visits to refugee camps and other places of refuge


Strengths Weaknesses/Threats Opportunities
Great opportunity to build empathy  Lack of understanding/knowledge; sensitive issue if any ‘mistakes’ made  I think conducting a similar simulation activity would be a great idea, but given the vast amount of preparation anticipated, plan for Refugee Day 2021 (so end of the year-ish)?
Interactive activity – More interesting and (likely) attractive for people to do compared to conventional presentations/panel discussions etc. Limited reach to larger audience, heavy on resources Possible recruitment tool
A lot of preparation time likely to be required 


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